On Saturday we met up with Andrew and went on the "London Eye":http://www.ba-londoneye.com/. Despite the long queues, it actually took relatively little time to get on board, and the view from the top was brilliant. Well worth a visit if you have the chance.

Afterwards, we walked across to Covent Garden, had a browse in the "Gadget Shop":http://www.gadgetshop.com, and from there to Tottenham Court Rd. I wanted to get a USB Bluetooth dongle from one of the computer parts shops there, but they all seemed a bit overpriced so we ended up going home empty-handed.

On Sunday we headed off to the Good Shepherd Mission for church, and heard an excellent introduction to Ezekiel. Afterwards we were invited to join a group of some of the younger people heading off to Victoria Park, where we had bagels and played frisbee for a while. It was absolutely perfect weather and we got to know people a bit better.