Visits and thesis

On Thursday we went round to see Alan and Adeline (not sure if I've spelt her name correctly). Fiona, who Mim stayed with before the wedding, was there as well. We ended up staying till quite late, and I've got a couple of book recommendations from Alan to read at some point.

Then on Friday evening we had Bradley and his fiance Susan around for dinner. I haven't seen Bradley for years, and probably haven't had a proper chat to him since leaving Univeristy nearly five years ago, so it was pretty cool to catch up. Mim had managed to get all the way out to Ikea in the afternoon, and carried an amazing amount of stuff back to the flat. We now have a lovely table setting, and some new photos frames which we're in the process of choosing photos for.

Saturday was mostly spend with me finishing off my thesis so that I can hand it in, while Mim got lots of the photos organised. I've just got the abstract left to do, and then once we've printed it the whole thing will be off my hands until the viva. No doubt there will be corrections after that, but I won't have to think about it for a while.

This afternoon we went to visit Simon and Jo from church, and met Zoe and Chris, another new couple at church. We both ate lots and lots, and had a great time there.