On Saturday Mim went into town to meet Sheila and Rachel and their fiances, and met up with Rhianon on the way in. I spent the day chilling out at home, and then in the evening we went to watch Wimbledon. It's another fun movie from the same people who made Notting Hill -- very enjoyable but nothing much too it. Perfect Saturday evening viewing!

Today we went to the Good Shepherd again for church, and took Rhianon along as Steve was away for the weekend. We've been having an excellent series from Ezekiel, and this week's sermon from Alan was no exception -- really challenging. Afterwards we had Rhianon and Fiona over for lunch, with Steve turning up later having got back from the weekend away.

I've just finished off my thesis and submitted it to the printers to be printed and bound. It should be ready to pick up on Tuesday, after which we'll have to figure out some way to get it up to York before the end of Thursday (the final deadline for my thesis submission). It feels pretty good to have it finally done, though I now have the horror of the viva to look forward to.