Thesis bound

This afternoon Mim went to the printers to pick up my thesis, which they eventually produced for her after a lot of hassle over whether they were open or not (their website advertised that they were open till 4:30, the sign on the door said that they closed at 3:30, but the staff there claimed they shut at 1pm!). I now have three copies of my thesis bound and ready to be sent off the Graduate Schools Office in York, and I've already spotted the first obvious mistake. Now we just have to wait to find out when the viva will be, at which point I'll have to actually remember all the stuff I spent three years working on and which no longer seems very significant.

I also got my formal letter confirming my new job, and learnt how to use my new phone. The phone thing sounds stupid, but it's actually not at all obvious on the trader's phones. Tomorrow I should have access to all the extra computer equipment, and maybe even a permanent desk to sit at.