Thesis handed in

Mim posted off my thesis yesterday by Special Delivery, and thankfully the Post Office managed not to lose it (or at least, they claim to have delivered it correctly so it probably made it). Another step closer to actually getting it all over and done with. Mim has also made amazing progress with getting the flat sorted out, so there are now only a few little things left to do.

Hard drive photo Yesterday I got my new backup drive, a 250GBb external hard drive. I'm very pleased with it: it came with both Firewire and USB2 cables, is solidly constructed and very quiet, has an 8Mb buffer, and best of all a funky blue light strip on the front that looks great in the dark. I plugged it in, reformatted it as an ext3 drive, and then just copied my home directory across to it. It's also going to be useful once we start doing video editing from Mim's DV camera, as Firewire should be easily fast enough to cope with writing and editing the DV stream. I still need to get a DVD burner at some point, so that we can do backups that can be stored elsewhere.

I finally got my voice profile for the phone system at work today, and spent some time figuring out how to program the various phone buttons (there are something like 120 buttons on the phone, six screens, 24 speaker channels, two microphones and a handset -- quite a change from my old phone). Apparently tonight my second computer will arrive and my less-temporary desk will be setup, but I won't see the results till Monday as I am spending tomorrow at a charity voluthon day. I have a big stack of books to read over the weekend, and I have started subscribing to some of the company research in a (probably vain) attempt to understand what I'll actually be doing.