Dave and Rach visit

Change the world for a fiver On Friday, we had Dave and Rach over to stay for the night, and had a great time catching up with them. They're the first people we've had to stay since getting married. Earlier I had spent most of the day at a "Community Links voluthon":http://www.community-links.org/takeaction/voluthon04_page31.aspx, where our team from "Barclays Capital":http://www.barcap.com/ won a prize for raising the second-largest sum of money donated in the Voluthon. Part of the prize was a copy of a new book they are publishing called "Change the world for a fiver":http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1904095968/arotau-21, which has some useful tips on simple things people can do to make the world better (e.g. "Learn basic first aid", "Give blood", "Recycle your old specs") and some less useful ones ("Seize the moment" -- nice, but pretty vague).

On Saturday, after Dave and Rach left, Rhianon came round briefly to get a flat contract witnessed, before we headed over to Andrew's flat for lunch. Tom was there too, and after lunch we headed off to the "London Aquarium":http://www.londonaquarium.co.uk/ with them. The aquarium was a little disappointing, with only two big tanks (one of which was full of Atlantic fish, and considerably less interesting than the shark tank). The plus side was a tank, obviously more intended for children, where you could touch the backs of stingrays as they swan around.

Star Wars Trilogy When we got home we finished watching Star Wars: A New Hope (having got the "trilogy boxed set":http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0001ZE1OU/arotau-21 on the day of the release).

This morning we went off to church as usual, and should see Andrew again at St Helen's this evening.