Catching up

It's Photo of Mimbeen over a month since the last post (sorry for anyone who has been looking for news!).

Around the house, Mim's made some new curtains for our bedroom, and bought a few things we needed (including a mirror for the chest of drawers), as well as putting up a bunch of photos around the room. She's also working on three paintings at the moment, which look pretty amazing already. Now that we've settled down into normal life, she has started looking for a job -- hopefully doing fundraising/PR work for a charity if possible.

Two Mim and I watching the fireworksweekends ago Andrew suggested we go to see the fireworks show on Blackheath, so we met up with him, Rob, and a couple of his friends from St Helens. The show was pretty cool, and it was amazing how many people turned up -- I have no idea how many it was this year, but last year apparently about 60,000 people went.

The day after that we went, again with Andrew and Rob, to the last Finn Brothers concert at the Hammersmith Apollo. Steve & Rhi had already been to the concert in Ipswich and based on what they said we were expecting a pretty good concert, and it was brilliant. The Finns were supported by Minnie Driver of all people, who turned out to be a really good singer (though she's not the best performer). It was kind of strange seeing someone in real life who I've only ever seen on the movies before.

On Thursday I sat the first of my Securities Institute exams (on the fascinating subject of the UK financial regulatory system), but I'll have to wait until Monday to find out if I passed or not. I will be spending the whole of the coming week on a course for the second exam (covering securities and financial derivatives).

We've had quite a few people round (the Ottleys, Sheila & Rachel, Andrew, and Steve & Rhi), and been round to Dave & Erica's place. Yesterday evening, Alan & Adeline invited us round with a bunch of others from church for drinks, followed by heading off to Victoria Park to see some another fireworks show. Part of the show was the launch of the five local boroughs' support for the London Olympics bid, so there were some (thankfully short) speeches and some cheesy Olympic rings on fire, but the actual fireworks were the best I've seen, with an absolutely amazing finale. Unfortunately I didn't get around to taking any photos.