Second exam

Today I sat the second of my regulatory exams, on securities and financial derivatives. The results will come through on Thursday, but I'm being cautious about whether I passed or not at the moment as having a cold over the weekend didn't exactly help me study effectively. Tomorrow might be a bit of a shock to the system as I switch back to getting up at 6am.

Interesting to see that "The Register's": ad hosting company was serving up ads containing a virus that could infect Internet Explorer -- just browsing a popular news website could, through no fault of theirs, result in your PC being infected! Sounds like yet another reason to follow "CERT's advice": and switch to "Firefox":

People following the "Steve Chalke debate":/archives/2004/09/06/review-the-lost-message-of-jesus-by-steve-chalke/ might be interested in reading the "statement recently released": by the "Evangelical Alliance": The statement concludes:

For these reasons, we do not believe that penal substitutionary atonement can be rejected as it is rejected in _The Lost Message of Jesus_, and as Steve has persisted in rejecting it since. While affirming the many gifts which Steve has to offer, we urge him, as a much-loved brother in Christ, to reconsider both the substance and style of his recently expressed views on this matter.