Recent news

In the last couple of weeks, we've had quite a few people over to visit, and been out a few times. I have now had two evenings out with brokers, one of them to a very nice Gordon Ramsay restaurant (the "Boxwood cafe": Mim & I were both able to go to the head of the desk's leaving drinks, held at "The Townhouse": in Knightsbridge.

People we've had over include Steve & Rhi and Ros & Brendan one evening, Simon & Becky the night before them, and Ryan & Suzanne and their three children today. Next year we should be a bit more active during the week, as in addition to youth club Mim & I are going to be reading with Ben Cooper from St Helen's each week (continuing the studies I was doing with Ben earlier in the year), and Andrew's going to be coming over to do some systematic theology study with Mim and me.

Mim is continuing to look for work, and has sent out her CV to a few places now. In the mean time she has been continuing to paint, and has been putting the finishing touches on the flat. She's also managed to get _all_ the Christmas shopping done already! Work has been quite busy for me, and this week I'll probably have some more to do as one of the guys in my team is away for the week.

This Saturday Dave Skipper is going to visit for the day. For part of the day Mim & I are going to be helping to hand out invitations in Bethnal Green to the carol service at church, so it will be a busy day. Then the following week Mim's parents are going to come and stay for a night on the 23rd before we all head off to their place for Christmas.