Christmas and New Year

Once again it's been a while since the last news update, but I'll try to post more regularly over the next few weeks.

The main event for us at the end of December was Christmas! Among other things, we had a few people from church round to our place: Simon, Jo, and their two children, Dave & Erica, Alan & Adeline, and Andy & Anna, plus Jo from York popped in for a while. We also went to an amazing party held by Michael and Pauline from church, who invited everyone from church (plus quite a few others, including Mim's parents!) round to their house.

After getting back from that party, Mim's parents drove us out to their place in the Cotswolds for Christmas, and we spent the next five days relaxing there. We spent most of Christmas day just with Mim's parents, but in the evening Mim's sister Ruth came over with her boyfriend, Jamie, for present unwrapping and the evening meal. Oh, and it was officially a white Christmas (though the snow didn't settle at all) so we went outside very briefly so that we could say that we'd been in the snow.

During our stay we were able to visit the Ewarts, where I got to meet Hannah's boyfriend Simon and Katie's boyfriend Blessing for the first time. Mim & I also went out for a meal with Ruth and Jamie, which especially gave me a chance to get to know them a bit better.

We came back to London between Christmas and New Year (enjoying the wonderful experience of carrying all the presents back on the train), and I went back to work for a pretty relaxed couple of days before we headed up to York for our New Year break. We stayed with Dave, and over the weekend managed to meet up with quite a few old friends, but Mim had a nasty cold the whole time which took away the fun a bit. It's several months since either of us had been to York, so it was a little strange to go back, and by the end of the holiday we were glad to get back home and settle into normal life again.

Since then I've been back at work, and Mim's carried on looking for work. She has her first interview tomorrow.

Oh, and today is exactly a year since we got engaged!