Mim's job hunt progresses

Yesterday's job interview went well for Mim, and she's been asked to come back tomorrow to spend some more time with the company and see whether she will fit in (it's quite an open-ended position so they want to be sure that it will work out). We're both hoping that she gets it, as it seems to be a pretty cool opportunity.

Last night we did our first study with Ben, beginning to go through Philippians. We both found it really helpful to be pushed to think more carefully in our Bible study, and we're looking forward to the studies continuing. During the day Mim went and picked up her main Christmas present from me: two portrait photos of the two of us. In the weekend I'll scan them and post them.

Today Mim managed to finish off her third painting for the flat, though there are some bits that she wants to change at some point. Eventually I'll have to put some photos of the paintings up on the site for people to see.

My work's been going well, and apparently I will soon be given my own trading book. At first I'll only be putting on relatively small trades, but it will be cool to have the chance to try out some trade ideas.