One month later...

Nearly a month after the previous post (again!). I've just got a new phone from which will eventually let me post directly to the website, so hopefully this month I will actually manage to post news more regularly.

Looking back at the earlier posts, I realised that I forgot to say that Mim got the job she was interviewing for. She is now working as a PA for four of the partners in a "hedge fund": One downside is that she has about a 30 minute commute on the District line twice a day, but the company she's working for is very good.

We haven't been out much in the last month, apart from seeing a few movies (by far the best was "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events": We did go round to Steve & Rhi's new flat for dinner one evening, and earlier this week went to an art exhibition by a partnership that one of our friends from church is involved in. On Wednesday I had the good fortune to be taken to the "Arsenal v Bayern Munich": Champion's League game at Highbury by one of the brokers from work - it wasn't a great game of football, but it's the first really big football match I've been to so I enjoyed the atmosphere. Plus the broker provided a car home after the game - much more civilised than having to use public transport :-)

The Friday youth club at church has been running for three weeks now, and is going really well - each week we've had more young people turn up than we can let in, so there's been a queue of people outside the door waiting in case others leave early. We desparately need more leaders in order to make it viable in the longer term though. St Helen's are very kindly putting a notice in their service sheet from this Sunday onwards advertising our need, and we are still hoping that some more people from our church will volunteer.