News catchup for May

February snowIt's been ages since I posted any real news, so I'm aiming to catch up today with a bit of a pictorial review of the last few months. In late February we had a reasonable amount of snow, as this photo from our bedroom window shows.

Spring flowers in St James ParkBy March, things had started to warm up a bit, and in the parks the flowers had started to come out. The photo on the left was taking just before we started skating through St James' Park. On the Tube going home from that outing, I had the unpleasant experience of being assaulted by a drunken football fan while trying to get help after the guy assaulted someone else in the carriage. After a long wait, large numbers of police turned up and the station was closed while they found and arrested him.

Mim, Caroline and AlasdairLater in March, we went to visit our various relatives in Norfolk. On my side of the family, we saw my Nana and the Trenches (Mim's sitting with my cousins, Caroline and Alasdair Trench). Mim's parents came up to Norfolk too, so we saw them, Mim's grandmother and two lots of Uncles and Aunts.

Helen and Andrew weddingThe weekend after that, we were off to Ipswich for Helen & Andrew's wedding. I knew them from York, and several others from York were at the wedding so we had a good chance to catch up. Andrew being Scottish, there were a large number of kilts in evidence.

Recently we visited the "Turner, Whistler and Monet exhibition": at the "Tate Britain":, which was absolutely brilliant. We were very tempted by the canvas prints they offered, and apparently "Andrew bought one": Along with Steve & Rhi, we also went to see the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition": - it's worth visiting the site to have a look at the winning photos.

Mim housematesMim's old housemates from York came down to London a few weeks ago, so she met up with all of them.

Mim worked for three months as a PA for a hedge fund, but didn't enjoy it and has decided to pursue her art instead. At the moment she's starting to build up a portfolio, concentrating on children's portraits, and hopes to start selling drawings and paintings in the near future. She's also been getting more involved in church, helping out with the mothers and toddlers group during the week. Over the next few weeks we'll be putting her pictures up on the web site, and the first of those is the pencil drawing of me you can see below.

Steve and Rhi in Regents ParkFor the first May bank holiday, we met up with Steve and Rhi for a picnic in Regents Park. Despite threatening clouds the whole day, it was remarkably sunny and we had a lovely time chilling out.

The boating lake in Regents ParkThe other significant bit of news is that on the 16th of May I had the viva for my DPhil, and passed with minor corrections. I now have a month to complete the corrections, but probably won't finish them in time to graduate this year.

After the viva, I took Thursday and Friday last week off work and we went to visit Mim's parents. We had a really relaxed time, barely leaving the house apart from a trip to Bath (which turned out to be a bit disappointing as it poured with rain).