Bank holiday weekend

On Wednesday, we went to see the new Star Wars with Andrew. Despite the fact that it's been panned by a lot of people, we actually quite enjoyed it - perhaps our expectations had been lowered too much by the previous two.

On Friday Andy, Alan, Brendan and Ros, and a few other people from church (mostly our house group) had arranged to meet up for a drink at Victoria Park, so we went along to join them. Brendan brought a football to kick around, and about ten people turned up. We had a lovely evening hanging out together and stayed until after sunset.

Dave Skipper came to visit on Saturday morning, having recently got back from visiting his girlfriend in Finland. We spent a fair bit of time looking at his photos of the Finland trip, then headed out to the guitar shop street off Charing Cross Road. Dave was after a new amp, and I wanted to look at buying a guitar. It looks possible to get a reasonable beginner's guitar for about £80, which is cheaper than I was expecting. For the moment, though, I'll keep practising on the acoustic I've borrowed. In the evening we went and saw "Millions":

After church on Sunday, a group of us headed over to Victoria Park to play touch rugby (stopping off at Brendan and Ros's for a quick lunch). The rugby was enjoyable up until I turned my ankle, but thankfully there's always someone medical around at our church (in this case Ros, who's a physio).

We spent Monday at home: I had to work on my thesis corrections (while propping my injured ankle up), and Mim worked on her drawing.