I am an artist based in the UK, specifically in London, painting traditional and contemporary portraits, and semi-abstract landscapes. I work in a variety of media, concentrating on the play of light over a subject, and the snatches of colour this brings out. My aim with every painting is to create something that is enjoyable to look at.

For my more traditional portraits I tend to paint washes of umber acrylic over brown and white pastel pencil drawings on pale green/grey pastel paper. This creates a gentle but striking overall look in sepia, much like an old photograph.

My contemporary portraits are oil on canvas using one to three colours, with a plain background, usually in white but can be in any colour. These range from a more photographic style to semi abstract. I find that portraits in particular can look garish if great care isn't taken in the pose, light, composition and colours used. For this reason I tend to use one or two colours in various shades for my portraits, and shy away from group portraits.

In contrast to my portraits, my landscapes are full of lots of colour. I enjoy bringing to the eye the different colours in things that go unnoticed unless we stop and stare at them. I am also fascinated by creating textures and depth with paint, building layer on layer of oils and scraping them away to reveal the layers below. I paint with oil and acrylic on canvas.

I hope you will find all the information you need on this website, but if you have any questions please feel free contact me by "email" or phone (07775 940 445) and I will be happy to help.