Foxes and swans

Foxes and swansMost days I bike to work along the canal, and one day last week I noticed the unusual sight of two foxes out in the open. They were down at the edge of the grassed area you can see in the photo, and were very interested in the two swans.  The swans seemed completely unconcerned about the foxes, to the extent that when one got right up to the edge of the canal and the fox reached out for it, the swan just hissed loudly and then stayed where it was.  For their part, the foxes didn't seem to mind people being around (they are normally fairly shy), and didn't make any effort to actually get in the water - I have no idea if they can even swim, but they obviously weren't about to try.  I imagine that had the swans got out of the water there would have been a fairly epic fox vs swan battle!

(BTW, the photo is pretty low resolution as it was taken on my phone - zooming in further just shows how rubbish the phone's camera.)