We've had a lovely weekend with new friends in Oxford. On Saturday, Kane, a Kiwi guy from Wycliffe, his wife Louise and their three children came over to watch the rugby with us (and Louise's parents joined us after the game briefly).

Then in the evening Mim & I went round to the Robson's house for a games evening. James Robson is my fellowship group leader at Wycliffe, and three others from the fellowship group came along too: Pete & Bec, and Lloyd.  It was great to be playing in a group of other competitive people – winning matters!

Today we had a big crowd over for lunch: Tim & Anna and their six children (who we know from St Ebbe's Headington), and Ryan & Jen (Ryan's in my Greek class). Joshua loves to have older children round so he had a great time playing with the other children, and we adults and the older kids had a nice time of uninterrupted chatting together.