A nice summary of German theology

Of course, it's a bit silly to try and reduce German theology to a sentence, but this quote from an Enlightenment-era German scholar seems a brilliantly predictive statement about the direction of theology. It combines an unnecessary false dichotomy with a heartfelt desire for error:

If God had in his Right hand all truth, and in his Left only the drive toward truth, although with the inevitable result that I would err: should he keep his silence and say to me, "Choose!", I would humbly choose his Left, and would say, "Father, give me this! The pure truth is for Thee alone."

G. E. Lessing, Werke Bd. 6, Zürich, 1965, p. 269f. Quoted by Paul N. Anderson, 1996, The Christology of the Fourth Gospel, WUNT 2.78, Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, p. 265.