Vocabulary card decks

First you will need Anki, which is an excellent free flashcard program which will run on Windows, Mac or Linux. It doesn’t look particularly beautiful but works well. Then download a deck (I will add to this list over time):

  • Robson 1—these cards are based on James Robson’s first year Hebrew classes. The words are tagged by chapter in Kelley, based on the Kelley deck available in Anki, but with numerous corrections. I have also modified glosses and forms to match James’ vocab sheets, and I have added a number of extra sections, on inseparable prepositions, IDPPs, numbers, and irregular plurals.
  • Robson 2—unsurprisingly, these are based on James’ second year Hebrew classes. This deck is based off the frequency-tagged Biblical Hebrew deck available in Anki, but with a number of corrections applied, and glosses and forms modified to match James’ vocab sheets.