September 10, 2003

Skippy Music goes live

Went round to Dave’s for dinner last night, and had a look at the website for his record label, Skippy Music. All looking very nice, and I’m hopefully going to be able to listen to some clips from the album soon, once he’s got his monitors hooked up again. After dinner we ended up having an extended discussion with Claire about capital punishment (Dave and I pro, Claire anti).

I was intending to play football with the St Mike’s team beforehand, but my lift didn’t turn up.

Went back into work later, and had quite a long chat to Steve. Apparently we’ve got a £50 gas bill, which seems a little excessive given that the heating’s not on at the moment.

This morning my phone (an Ericsson T610) decided it wasn’t going to turn on, so now I’ve got to take it back to the shop to see if they can fix it up.

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