September 26, 2003

Penultimate week in York

I’m just about at the end of my time in York now: next week I’ll be moving down to London, and hopefully starting work the week after that. This weekend I am away at a St Helen’s training weekend, so after today I only have three days left in York. Kind of strange in some ways, having lived here for three years, but having spent so much time in London during those three years it doesn’t really feel like I will be moving to a new place.

Yesterday evening I went round to Dave’s after going to circuit training with Matt, and we had a good long discussion about Christian education. Dave also played me a couple more fragments from his album (earlier in the week he played a group of us three tracks, all of which sounded excellent). Apparently people searching for groups such as the Ozric Tentacles, Shpongle, and Eat Static are starting to find the web site for Skippy Music (which is Dave’s web site). In addition to advertising for his upcoming album, he has posted quite a bit of tutorial information on guitar playing technique which people seem to be finding interesting.

I need to get around to posting information on my Moveable Type to Advogato gateway, which is a variation of sisob’s method.

In case anyone’s interested, I also have a patch for debmirror kicking around that makes the current version function correctly for mirroring experimental.

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