21 August 2004

Just married!

As the title suggests, I’ve just got married. This site is going to be updated soon with photos from the wedding, and with general news from both of us. Tonight we’re off to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at the Imax, having failed to get tickets to tonights Prom concert.

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26 September 2003

Penultimate week in York

I’m just about at the end of my time in York now: next week I’ll be moving down to London, and hopefully starting work the week after that. This weekend I am away at a St Helen’s training weekend, so after today I only have three days left in York. Kind of strange in some ways, having lived here for three years, but having spent so much time in London during those three years it doesn’t really feel like I will be moving to a new place.

Yesterday evening I went round to Dave’s after going to circuit training with Matt, and we had a good long discussion about Christian education. Dave also played me a couple more fragments from his album (earlier in the week he played a group of us three tracks, all of which sounded excellent). Apparently people searching for groups such as the Ozric Tentacles, Shpongle, and Eat Static are starting to find the web site for Skippy Music (which is Dave’s web site). In addition to advertising for his upcoming album, he has posted quite a bit of tutorial information on guitar playing technique which people seem to be finding interesting.

I need to get around to posting information on my Moveable Type to Advogato gateway, which is a variation of sisob’s method.

In case anyone’s interested, I also have a patch for debmirror kicking around that makes the current version function correctly for mirroring experimental.

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22 September 2003

Long time...

Well, no update for ages, mostly because I’ve been away quite a bit. Since the last posting:

  • Played in goal for my first football game for St Mike’s, and got man of the match. That was partly because I lost a contact lens 10 minutes into the second half, with the result that I could see two balls for most of the rest of the half, but still somehow managed not to let any goals in.
  • Spent most of last week in London having job interviews, and have now got a job.
  • Went to my last York house group; really sad to leave everyone there.
  • Had my second and last St Mike’s game, this time letting three goals in.
  • Got very little thesis work done.
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12 September 2003

House group

Church house groups started again this week, with a social evening last night.

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11 September 2003

Circuit training

Matt and I went to circuit training at the Sports Centre again yesterday. Matt had a particularly enjoyable time: lots of football skills, and the instructor misheard his name and spent the whole evening calling him “Emmet”.

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10 September 2003

Phone trouble

This morning I went to Vodafone to get my phone fixed. As I expected, they are going to have to send it away, so I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before I get it back (probably minus the phone book). Annoyingly, the first phone they gave me (a very beaten-up Nokia 8210) had a broken microphone so I’m now stuck with a horrible Siemens handset.

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Skippy Music goes live

Went round to Dave’s for dinner last night, and had a look at the website for his record label, Skippy Music. All looking very nice, and I’m hopefully going to be able to listen to some clips from the album soon, once he’s got his monitors hooked up again. After dinner we ended up having an extended discussion with Claire about capital punishment (Dave and I pro, Claire anti).

I was intending to play football with the St Mike’s team beforehand, but my lift didn’t turn up.

Went back into work later, and had quite a long chat to Steve. Apparently we’ve got a £50 gas bill, which seems a little excessive given that the heating’s not on at the moment.

This morning my phone (an Ericsson T610) decided it wasn’t going to turn on, so now I’ve got to take it back to the shop to see if they can fix it up.

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9 September 2003


Very tired in the afternoon, not very productive. Went round to see Dave, who moved back to York on Sunday. His external SCSI drive still wasn’t working, so I had a look at it and managed to get it going, so he can now backup all his recordings.

CS dept football practise, which left me rather in pain after getting kneed in the head while diving in front of one of the other players to save a goal.

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8 September 2003


Other than thesis work I didn’t do much over the weekend. I watched a DVD with Matt on Saturday evening, and went to church on Sunday (led the evening service).

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6 September 2003

Last few days

Matt and I went to circuit training at the Sports Centre on Wednesday, and it went much better than the previous week despite being a tougher workout. I’m going to keep it up for the rest of the time I’m in York, and then try to find a place to do it when I’m down in London.

We had CS dept football practice on Thursday, where I got lots of helpful tips on goal keeping. Hopefully the real keeper can take over again soon, but I’m definitely playing the first game of the season. I might also be keeping for St Mike’s in a friendly on Tuesday, though rumour has it that’s been cancelled.

Jon and Helen had me round for dinner on Friday, and I had a really pleasant evening chilling out with them. They are going to have me round again next week too.

Mim’s back in York now, and Dave Skipper gets back on Sunday so we’ll have most of the old Siward St crew back together again soon.

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3 September 2003

House cleaning

Cleaned the whole house this morning, in preparation for the return of Keith. The hoover is just about the worst I have ever used, so it all took rather a long time.

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26 August 2003


Played five-a-side football last night with the St Mike’s crowd, and managed to keep well enough to be invited to keep for their 11-a-side Saturday league team in September. My (lack of) height is a bit of a disadvantage in front of a full size goal, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a disaster.

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23 August 2003


Went for a short run with Matt in the morning. Also managed to fail to buy any food before the supermarket shut, and as a result had a filling dinner of a banana and a bowl of cornflakes.

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21 August 2003

London job prospect

  • Had a ring from a recruitment agency today, with what sounds like an interesting job. It’s very similar to what I used to do at Barcap, so I hopefully have a good chance of getting an interview.
  • Migraine all day - felt pretty rubbish.
  • Went to Wentworth for dinner with Alan and the Miguels, and then came back to the office.
  • Played inline hockey for the first time in several weeks. My hockey stick has broken, I think as the result of using the wrong brand of blade in it. I’ll have to use the less good club ones until I have a job and can afford to buy a new one.
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