NT Greek


Vocabulary card decks

First you will need Anki, which is an excellent free flashcard program which will run on Windows, Mac or Linux. It doesn't look particularly beautiful but works well. Then download a deck (I will add to this list over time):

  • Duff – all the vocab from Duff's grammar, tagged by chapter
  • Mark 14.1-16.8 – all the words in the set text for NT Greek prelims 2011
  • Mark 14.1-16.8 ex Duff – those 233 words which are not in Duff
  • FHS 2 set text—the 564 words not in Duff, and in the FHS paper 2 set text (Matt 5-7, 26-28; Jn 1-6)

Grammar practice sheets

These are based on the paradigms at the back of Duff's grammar. Print off a few copies of each sheet, and practice filling them in from memory – like flashcards but for the paradigms.

Currently the sheets cover the indicative verb, the subjunctive, imperative & infinitive verb, a brief principal parts sheet, and a full principal parts sheet.

Parsing practice

These are from the set texts. There are four columns: the first has the text, with one word per line; the second is blank; the third gives a full parse of each word; and the fourth the lexical form. Print off a copy, and practice filling in the middle column without reference to the third & fourth columns.

This will only be a useful exercise if you use it to learn by going back and revising the appropriate paradigm whenever you make a mistake. Using it as a shortcut for doing the class exercises will not make the exam a happy experience.

For more general parsing practice, Paradigms Master is a great website with parsing drills for both Greek and Hebrew. There is an offline version available with more paradigms, but even the free version is very useful: